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I believe in God, not in a God that condemns people and sends them for eternal suffering, not in a God that doesn’t love his sons because of who they love. God created each individual different, made us all alike in the core but different in the soul, so we could see difference and accept it as equality. He taught us to love eachother and to respect, to treat one another as we liked to be treated. He wants us to love, not the gender the other person has, but their personality and their beauty inside, he wants us to pursuit happiness and love, to be true to ourselfs and to the world, and to make the most of life. I don’t believe he died for our sins, no. He died for our love, he died so we could realise what it is to grief and ache for a lost loved one, so we could understand how powerful love is, he died because he loved us so much he could die for us. That’s his lesson for us, to find a love so strong that you are capable to die for it, not mattering who you love, but that you love nonetheless. God loves us all independently of our preferences, our colour, our traces, our beliefs, because in the end, you don’t choose who you love upon this things, you just happen to love them.

I know you know how I feel. I love you, more than anyone else ever could. I love you in a different way than anyone else would .

”The way the world envolves you into this amazing fantasy is something you can only experience if you let yourself dream a little more than you are expected to.”

(Source: livinguptolife)

”I told you to be patient, I told you to be fine, I told you to be balanced and I told you to be kind” this is what my mother would have said to me if I was with her when she died, I wasn’t and I’m so sad that I couldn’t be all she wished me to be, I’m so disappointed to have lost the dreamer she always loved in me.

(Source: livinguptolife)

I’m terrible scared that everything I ever wanted will go away and take my happiness again, and in the end I’ll fall again in a black hole, and nothing and no one will be capable of bringing me up again.

I’m losing my faith in humanity, what’s the point of not accepting the difference ? Is it because people are afraid their difference will show too ? Or is it because they can’t stand being so normal when they see someone who acts on what they think and lives the life they dreamed and according to their own ideals and not this mixed up society canons ? I cannot understand this world and that’s why I can’t believe in people no longer, because I can count in my hand the people who respect each other mutually, people that can look past the difference, look past the sexual orientation, the country they come from, their body or mind differences, and that, that breaks my heart. People can’t love one another, they can’t even respect each other, that’s why we are so damn lost.

Because the world is so full of people trying to be who they are not, so full of hypocrites and cynics, so full of liars and side glances, so full, but so much full of labels. I want to be me, I want to walk down a busy street and be me, me, no one else other than me. And all the glances and the whispers will pass me by, as long as I’m loyal to what I am, I’m happy and everyone else can go fuck themselves.

”Life is hard, either you learn to be a queen or you’ll be forever the pawn”

(Source: livinguptolife)